We know that people want a bank that simply gives them more: a bank that is open 24/7, that works for them in a straightforward way, delivers value through good products and prices, respects their lifestyle, puts them in control of their money at all times.

We don`t charge our clients for the services they can have for free or at very low fees. We can do this, because we have skillfully applied new technologies to support our online and mobile banking, and because we do not run physical branches.

We know that the world in general,technology and our lives have been growing more and more complex, and so has banking. It got to the point where handling your money takes more time than it saves... That is why gave you a promise: simpler approach to banking – because we value your time and we don’t want you to waste it on lengthy processes or visits to branches. We know you want and appreciate Less Bank, More Life.


We live and breathe simplicity in everything we do. Our online and mobile banking are easy to use. Our products are simple - so is our language.

Clear & transparent

We say everything loud and clear. If conditions and fees apply or change, we will tell you upfront. That means no asterisks, no small letters, and no hidden conditions.

Good prices

We aim to offer you good prices and stay among the most competetive offers on the market.