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We are from different corners of Europe, we speak different languages, and we all have our vision of how we can make ZUNO the best direct bank in the CEE region. But one thing we have in common – we are here to make your life easier with ZUNO and give you the best Less Bank, More Life experience.

Zsolt Eötvös,
Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer

After almost 19 years, spent holding several financial leadership positions within General Electric, Zsolt joined ZUNO to become part of THE new bank of the mobile age.

Zsolt has brought to ZUNO his long-time financial expertise he gained at GE, coupled with his passion for the future of banking. After eight years, spent as CFO of GE Capital's Swiss Commercial Lending and Leasing platform, he was looking for a new exciting opportunity, and he finally found it with ZUNO. A direct bank is for him a great chance to be part of fast-growing online banking space, which also gives him a professional challenge to re-define the "traditional" role of CFO for the "bank of the future".

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”What is the recipe to be like Zsolt?"

You can try the unique combination of a snowboarder, a mountain biker, a photographer, an engineer and a CFO. You should get someone close to Zsolt, but you will still miss the ZUNO spices that make Zsolt so unique.

Zsolt’s testimonial

“Performance matters. Strive to get better as an individual every day - both in your professional and personal matters of your life.”